Coming to Swim Class...

Here's what you need to know

We are so excited that we are able to swim with your kiddos. Not only have your kids been doing great in the pool, but YOU have been doing great in and around the facility and we are so thankful for that. Please take a moment to read through the policies.

Class Size and Facility Occupancy

Any classes without a parent in the water will consist of  3 swimmers : 1 Instructor ratio. Classes with a parent in the water will be allowed 4 pair: 1 instructor. 

We are operating at 25% occupancy capacity.

What to expect....

  • When you arrive for your visit, please do not come in more than 5 minutes prior to the start of your class. 
  • Valet service can be utilized for children who are comfortable walking into the pool with a Team Member and being escorted back to the guardian by the team member. To utilize this service, please text 817-599-7946 upon arrival and a team member will meet you at the side door that allows for direct entrance into the pool room.
  • Changing rooms will be closed. Please come prepared to swim. Wear swimsuit in and out. Bathrooms will be available.
  • 1 adult per swimmer permitted. Please leave others at home.
  • Show & Tell time has been removed from lessons. You will receive an email update from your swim instructor regarding skills worked on and mastered and any feedback. 
  • If your child typically swims with goggles, please have your own goggles. In order to promote the best sanitary conditions, we will not be borrowing/ lending goggles. 
  • Hyper cleaning will remain in place. Sanitation Baskets will remain stocked through the lobby and restrooms. Pool chemicals will continue to be checked and recorded every 2 hours during operations to ensure ideal sanitization levels.
  • We will screen all team members daily for fever. Any team member that is not feeling 100% healthy will stay at home. Please be understanding if this causes us to change your instructor. Our priority is to keep you healthy and it is best for our employee to recover at home.
  • Please only come to class if your swimmer is 100% healthy. If they are feeling even a little “under the weather,” stay home and call us to reschedule. If your swimmer or anyone in your house is showing signs of illness, DO NOT COME TO SWIM CLASS


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