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Preschool Olympics


This FUN competition is designed for active preschool swimmers, ages 3-5 years old, to show off their swimming abilities. Your swimmer must be comfortable in the water and not completely dependent on a flotation device or assistance. Both instructors and water watchers will be present and able to assist or render aid if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: if your child is a non-swimmer and is NOT comfortable in the water, this activity is not for them.


WHEN: Saturday, March 2nd  2-6PM

WHERE: The Swim Lesson People, 1110 E. Bankhead  Weatherford, TX

WHAT: This is a fantastic time to test out your swimmer's swim skills prior to summer. Each swimmer will compete in a minimum of 3 (up to 6) events in their age division. All swimmers will receive a participation ribbon; winners will receive a medal.

PRICE: $30/swimmer for 3 events; $10 for each additional event.




- BOAT RACE: Ages 3-5 years; No pre-requisites.

Swimmers will kick across the pool holding onto a boat-float.


- NOODLE SWIM: 3-5 years; No pre-requisites.

Swimmers will kick across the pool holding onto a noodle.


- BACK SWIM: Ages 4-5; Must be able to swim on back 30 ft. independently.

Swimmers will swim on their backs independently across the pool.


- FRONT CRAWL: Ages 4-5; Must be able to swim with their eyes in the water 30 ft. independently.

Swimers will swim across the pool independently using a pop-up, rolling, or roll-over breath.


- CANNON BALL CONTEST: Ages 3-5; Swimmers will need to be able to jump and turn to swim back to the wall.


- TREASURE DIVE: Ages 3-5 years; Must be able to hold their breath 5-10 seconds.

3 year olds will retrieve treasure from the long ledge. 4-5 year olds will dive down and retrieve treasure from the bottom of the pool.

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