Special Needs Adaptive Aquatics

Swimming can be a great outlet for anyone but especially for adaptive swimmers or special needs swimmers, even those with the most severe disability can have a wonderful time in the water. Swimming lessons can be very beneficial for swimmers of all ages and all needs.

Benefits of swim lessons for special needs swimmers include but are not limited to:

Improving fitness and strength

Helps boost confidence and self-esteem

Improves coordination and range of motion

Learning to be safe in and around water

Learning simple strokes

The Swim Lesson People provides swim lessons for children with Autism, Physical Difficulties and sensory challenges.  Specially trained Swim Whisperers® instructors incorporate strategies to help children learn to swim faster and with less discomfort than traditional methods.  These instructors use proven techniques to overcome the 14 most commonly seen universal roadblocks in teaching these children how to swim.  Instructors spend time within each lesson addressing each child’s specific sensory obstacles and fears with proven movement strategies.

Private Lessons

1:1 instruction is available with a specially trained Swim Whisperer. Private Lessons are available in 15 minute ($125) or 30 minute increments ($200/ month). Please email us for information and to schedule a lesson.

Swim Whisperer Team

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