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Three's Program

Age: 3 years old

We understand that three year olds require a certain amount of energy and have given them a program of their own. Our instructors have been trained in various techniques to work with three year olds who are people pleasers, "me" centered, anxious and class clowns. We have two levels in our Three's Program before your swimmer is promoted into the Preschool Program.


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Age: 3 years old

Pre-Requisites: None

In Three's Beginner, your child will learn water acclimation and comfort thru a child-centered, activity-oriented approach--coupled with unique skill progressions for the following:

  • First Time Submersion/ Independent Submerge
  • Breath Control for 10 seconds
  • 5 Assisted Bobs
  • Front Kick Glide 3ft.
  • Destination Swim 5 feet
  • Independent Back Float for 5 seconds
  • Independent Wall Skills
  • Turn & Swim to Safety
  • Developmentally Appropriate Safety Skills

Upon mastering the Three's Beginner skills, your child will advance to Water Tots 2 or Preschool Beginner 2, where he/she will continue learn to swim journey with the rollover breath and independent back finning.

Age: 2-3 years of age

Pre-Requisites: Independent swim 5ft., has a 10 second breath control and can back float independently for 5 seconds

Goals of Water Tots 2

  • Independent Kick Glide 5ft.
  • Independent Back Float 10 seconds
  • Independent Swim 15ft.
  • Rollover to Recovery Position
  • Independent Back Kick 10 ft.
  • Swim-Float-Swim 15ft. 
  • Various Safety Skills

Class Ratio: 4 swimmers per 1 instructor

In order to participate in Water Tots 2 programs, a teacher recommendation/ manager approval is required. If you are new to our program, please request an Evaluation lesson for your swimmer to be correctly placed. A non-disposable swim diaper is REQUIRED for participants under the age of 3.

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