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Welcome to The Swim Lesson People

One of our top priorities at The Swim Lesson People is Health & Safety of our swimmers and team. We strive to provide a clean and safe environment in and out of the water for our swimmers and our staff. Please see below for our Wellness Policies.

illness Policy

A safe and healthy environment is important for all children. This illness policy is designed to protect the health of your child, the other children, and the staff. Please do not bring your child to swim lessons if he/she has had:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting or ear infections within 2 days
  • A fever
  • Undiagnosed sores or rash

Please allow 48 hours without medication before returning to the pool for class.

If your child has an open sore that requires a bandage please do not allow them to swim, remove ALL band-aids before entering water. If the cut or scrape requires a bandage, the child should not swim until the wound is healed.


Please inform instructors of any medical conditions such as diabetes, tubes in the ears, epilepsy, asthma or any physical or mental disabilities prior to the start of lessons. These conditions do not hinder a child from participating but may affect the way a teacher attends to each students needs.

Swim Diaper Policy

All children under the age of 3 or children that are not potty trained must wear a cloth, non-disposable swim diaper while in the water. We do not require that you also wear another diaper underneath the cloth diaper but you may do so if you would like. These cloth, non-disposable swim diapers are available for purchase at our facility.

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