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Inclement Weather Policy

We make every effort to maintain normal business hours during inclement weather. In the event of a weather emergency, please check our Facebook page for the latest announcements. In the rare occasion that we are unable to remain open, we will contact you by phone to alert you of our closure.


How we deal with inclement weather

At the Swim Lesson People, your family's health and well-being is our primary concern. That's why we adhere to the following safety procedures when thunder, lightning and other signs of inclement weather strike near one of our indoor pools. These procedures are recommended by the National Lightning Safety Institute, National Weather Service, American Red Cross and United States Swim School Association.

If the electrical component of the storm reaches to within 5 miles of the pool site, the water will be cleared until the storm passes.

If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for our immediate area, programs will be immediately suspended and the pool house will be quickly and safely evacuated.

If a tornado warning is issued, programs will be immediately suspended, pool house closed, and we will follow facility protocol for tornado regarding shelter and protection.

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