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We believe that consistency is the key to any swimmer's success in the water. Our curriculum is designed to optimize your child's development and retention of water safety and swimming skills.  Our swim program is based on your child's progression instead of a set number of sessions, so your swimmer will always be in a class that corresponds with his or her swimming ability. We recognize how important it is for each parent to know and understand exactly what skills your child is working on in their swim lessons each week. To ensure open communication between instructor, child, and parent, we offer Show-N-Tell monthly. This gives our parents an opportunity to talk to their child's instructors to understand their child's progress what new skills he/she will be introduced to in the next few weeks. It also gives the student the opportunity to show off a little to Mom and Dad! They get to demonstrate what they've learned over the last few weeks while Mom and Dad get to show how proud they are!


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How does Swim-n-Tell work?

Every month parents are invited onto the pool deck the last 10 minutes of class to talk with the instructor, let their child show off a little, and receive feedback on their child's progress. We will always have our instructors contact you if you want more information or feedback on your child's progress.

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